NovaBiotics Chief Executive responds to Public Health England warning on Candida auris fungus

Following the Public Health England warning on Candida auris fungus, Dr Deborah O’Neil, Chief Executive of NovaBiotics, said: “The Public Health England announcement reporting over 200 patients have been affected or found to be carrying Candida auris fungus puts the growing challenge of antifungal resistance in the spotlight. C. auris is a multi-drug resistant fungus that has and can rapidly evolve to ‘ward off’ the effects of almost every class of antifungal agent in clinical use. At NovaBiotics, we have developed NP339 (Novamycin) as a highly differentiated, novel candidate antifungal therapy to treat serious, often life threatening, invasive fungal diseases such as those caused by C. auris, with the drug expected to embark on clinical testing in 2018. In lab tests, where C. auris was exposed to NP339 for extended periods of time, the fungus did not develop resistance to the drug whereas exposure to other antifungal agents notably decreased C. auris drug sensitivity to those agents.