NP339 is a novel antifungal peptide developed for front-line treatment of medically unmet, yeast and mould infections, particularly those caused by Aspergillus spp. and Candida spp.

Mortality rates for Aspergillus infections are as high as 80% (100% without treatment) and Candida remains the most common cause (over 50%) of hospital based (nosocomial) blood stream or deep tissue fungal infections. Invasive fungal disease (IFD), caused by these and other fungal pathogens, is a growing medical problem associated with a failure or inability of the body's immune system to fight off opportunistic fungi. Other infections caused by Candida albicans, including (recurrent) vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) and oral pharyngeal candidiasis (OPC) are a massive burden on the quality of life of those affected and are very difficult, if not impossible, to resolve effectively with limited existing treatment options.