NovaBiotics' ambition is to leverage innate immunity to transform the infectious disease therapy space in the same way immunology derived molecules have revolutionised oncology and inflammation.

NovaBiotics' proprietary technology platform applies rational drug design to develop novel first in class antifungal and antibacterial molecules.

In nature, antimicrobial peptides (AMP) and aminothiols form the cornerstone of the body's first line of defence against the spectrum of potentially harmful microbes with which we come into contact daily.

NovaBiotics’ core technology harnesses the beneficial properties of these natural infection-fighting agents and has created a totally novel class of potent, synthetic peptides and aminothiols as interventions or prevention in a range of fungal, bacterial and polymicrobial infections.

NovaBiotics’ drug candidates have been designed to meet the urgent need for safer, more effective antimicrobials and address the various and well described shortcomings of conventional anti-infective therapies. Importantly, the mode of action of NovaBiotics' peptides is such that they kill rather than merely inhibit pathogens. This minimises if not negates the likelihood of acquired or transmitted pathogen resistance developing in micro-organisms which have been exposed to NovaBiotics drug candidates.